International Peace Day is observed every 21 September to promote peace and stop war and bloodshed across the world. 

In Afghanistan, International Peace Day is also being celebrated through holding traditional gatherings, events and sport competitions throughout the country by civil society entities and social groups and governmental institutions.

OPAWC participated in the International Peace Day gathering held by AWN (Afghan Women's Network) with collaboration of the Ministry of Women's Affairs. In this gathering high ranking members of the government and civil society organizations including OPAWC participated.

OPAWC members participated in the World Literacy Day event that held on September 5 /2016. This event was celebrated by Afghanistan Center at Kabul University (ACKU) where high ranking member s of educational institutions including Director of Kabul University, Deputy of Literacy and representatives of different institutions include OPAWC.

Dr. Sardar Mohammad Rahimi, the deputy of literacy was not happy and satisfies with the process of education in the country. He said:" around 850- 900 schools are completely closed in the country due to insecurity and war and those schools that are operating are also facing obstacles and the process of teaching is not satisfactory. In

On 23rd August 2016 a one day workshop was held by OPAWC student in the campus of OPAWC center. The aim for this workshop was to raise awareness on the prevention of breast and ovarian cancer. The workshop was attended by around 60 women who were all the students of OPAWC.
The awareness session was presented by Farida 16, on the causes of breast cancer and the ways of preventing this disease.

OPAWC participated in the inauguration ceremony of the HWPL Advocacy Committee and Peace Dialogue arranged by the International Women's Peace Group (IWPG) of South Korea, the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) and Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) on 27 March 2016 in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Hamoon is a health Center small in size but big effort and results. In addition to the treatments of helpless, poor widows and children, it does much other humanitarian work in order to help the women to enhance their knowledge and be aware of their rights. These programs include awareness programs such as benefits of breast feeding for the new born babies, guides towards prevention of consecutive pregnancies, workshops on women's rights, family and social rights, struggle against illiteracy, domestic violence and drug use and their effect on the family, particularly children, and other issues.

March 8, the International Women's Day, is the day that reminds us of the struggle of the brave and fearless women who fought for achieving equal rights for women and sacrificed their precious lives. its is the duty of all democratic and freedom loving women and men to get together and re-commit themselves to continue on their path and to receive inspiration from the blood of those heroic women of women's history.

OPAWC also celebrates this day every year in order to express the importance of this day, to make the women in OPAWC's centers aware of the struggle of women and sacrifices in the past, and at the same time to offer an opportunity for refreshment for the women.

According to the United Nation's report one out of every three women in the world is raped or beaten during her life time. Thus human and civil rights of one billion women are violated in the world. for the first time on 14-Feb-2013 one billion people rose against every type of discrimination against women to defend women's rights. Since then this day is celebrated in most countries of the world including Afghanistan with the same goal to put an end to all forms of violence against women:

  • To put an end to the culture of discrimination, violence and rape against women by having a billion people rise, including women and men.
  • To show global solidarity of men an women for defending women's rights.
  • To do new works in the era to defend human rights of women.
  • To say that today's world does not accept violence against women and violation of human rights.

OPAWC representatives participated in a one day conference on Initiatives to Eliminate Violence againest Women and its impact on the Community.

The conference was held on 31th December 2015 and organized by HAWCA (Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan), the European Commission and Womankind.

Representatives judicial members, the Head of Family forum, and members from legal institutions from the capital city and the province participated in the conference. Each participant different kinds of violence they experienced.