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World Teachers' Day is celebrated around the world on 5 October 2016. In Afghanistan it is celebrated in every state institution, but unfortunately all these celebrations are just symbolic and theatrical. While Teachers’ Day is celebrated in Kabul, schools are closed in more than half the country due to heavy fighting and insecurity.

OPAWC celebrated World Teachers' Day in both sections of the Vocational Training Centre. The program included a variety of themes such as speeches and poems about Teachers' Day in different languages and concluded with gifts for teachers by OPAWC staff.

Latifa Ahmady the Director of OPAWC gave a speech regarding the importance of education and the role of teachers in society. She concluded that “It is a great experience to see your beaming and cheerful faces in this difficult time. I am very delighted to see your interest and respect for your teachers and education”. Ahmady encouraged the students to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities they have in order to reduce the rate of violence they faced daily.

At the end of the program OPAWC expressed its gratitude to all the teachers and instructors for their honesty and hard work by presenting them with small gifts.

The students wore national dress and colorful clothes. They were very happy and presented flowers to their teachers with radiant faces.

OPAWC works hard in the field of education as usual putting up with all kinds of risks and considers it its responsibility to take decisive steps in this critical time for the education of women and girls who are deprived of basic rights in this war torn country.