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A one day workshop was arranged in OPAWC's Literacy Center on 8 November2015 by partner organization HAWCA and many women participated.

The workshop described in detail what being a child means according to the Civil Law and the Criminal Law. Many types of crimes against children were presented through lectures and joint discussion.


According to the Civil Law a girl who is below 16 years and boys who are below 18 are called a child. The punishment for those who commit a crime against a child was also described.

The workshop was very illuminating and the women participated with interest in the discussion.

OPAWC tries to make the women aware of all aspects of life through such workshops and training.


At the moment around 800,000 children of 7-13 and 14 years of age are engaged in the heaviest work and are sexually abused by war lords and commanders in the country. These children including girls and boys are forced to dance and sing and are paid very little. They are hired for washing vehicles, for begging, for selling drugs.


They are hired as workers in the brick furnaces and wood shops and are paid very little money.

These children are deprived of going to school and are the only ones to feed their poor families.