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March 8 event of OPAWCThere are many places in the world where women struggle against violence, inequality and poverty.Afghanistan is no stranger to this condition.To let the world know the effort continues, in Kabul on March 8, 2010 OPAWC celebrated International Women’s Day before a crowd of about two thousand people.Members of the school’s literacy program sang patriotic songs, gave speeches and performed a drama in which a woman against all obstacles demands her rights as a human being.


The audience included people from all sectors of the capital city, as well as people from such nations as Japan, Italy and the United States.

OPAWC members stood up on an important day as a reminder that even though women continue to suffer at the hands of deep-seeded oppressors in Afghan society, there are dozens at their school who tirelessly work to empower themselves and their sisters, and that those dozens can and will be hundreds, and those hundreds, thousands.