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Global Uprising of One Billion Rising (OBR) on Violence against Women
14th February is the day where all civil societies and human rights institution raise their voices in solidarity with the victims of violence around the world.

Afghanistan joined this campaign formally in 2013. Therefore on 14 February, this event was celebrated in Afghanistan like in other countries.OPAWC, whose target groups are women,also participated widely to show its solidarity with women victims and raised its voice to eliminate all kind of violence and harassment against women throughout the country.This event was held and celebrated simultaneously in 34 provinces of Afghanistan by AWN (Afghan Women Network).

The Director of AWN, the Deputy Ministry of Women Affairs and some high ranking members of the government participated and raised their voices, too, by saying: "Today, in Afghanistan women are being isolated and their human rights are being violated, and we must stop this; this happens only and only when both men and women work together standing shoulder to shoulder and demand an end to this phenomenon. One in three women on the globe is beaten or raped in her lifetime; that is one billion women violated. One billion mothers,daughter, sister, lovers and friends."
The speakers said that this is an opportunity to remind the new government to undertake appropriate strategies to tackle this problem for one half of the population of Afghanistan, women who are at constant risk of harm and still subjected to violence, sexual harassment and sexual assaults.